Marriage and Couples

Improve your relationship and open communication paths. Issues can relate to roles in the relationship, commitment issues, beliefs, and values: finances, children,  sex, and intimacy, infidelity, LGBTQ  +  external stressors.

Teens | Young Adults

Young adults deal with a variety of issues. We specialize in Identity Issues, life changes, social media influence, self-esteem,  difficulty with communication, bullying and stress management.

Anxiety | Depression

Anxiety can interfere with everyday life, and feelings of anxiety can be difficult to control. Treatment options we offer Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), & Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) 

Therapy from the comfort of your own home


We work with individuals and families at all stages, from those currently engaged in their addictive behavior to those who have gone through treatment and entered recovery. 

Gambling,  Internet, Food, Work,  Porn, Sex,  Video game, Exercise  & Love addictions.

Migrant | Inclusive Therapy

We provide trauma-informed and culturally sensitive services to people of color and multicultural/multiracial individuals.

Se Habla Español

Trauma |  PTSD

Traumatic events can disrupt your sense of safety and make it difficult for you to trust others. Trauma can include a wide range of situations, ranging from serious injury, veteral issues,  sexual violence, and life-threatening events, to chronic abuse and neglect, being bullied, and homelessness. 

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Individualized Therapy

Not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Our practice is In-Network with Aetna, Cigna and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Also accepting Medicare in  NY, NJ, MD, VA & FL

 We are committed to providing supportive and highly individualized care for their clients, and helping them navigate times of transition and change within their relationships, family, careers, and identities.

Each of our therapists has a set of focused specialization and experience. 

You can expect a combined 150 years of experience in Mental Health. 

How Online Virtual Counselors Works

At OVC there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to mental health. We tailor our care plans to fit each person’s unique needs. Our clinicians include licensed therapists who are ready to support you.


Online Virtual Counselors offers telehealth appointments, so you get the care you need in the format that serves you best. Video, Phone Call, Text, all or just one format, we will make you feel the most comfortable.

Afterwork, before work, weekend and holidays, we make it work for YOU.


We also accept most insurance plans, allowing you to get the most from your personalized care plan.

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Via text, call, or email our In -House Onboarding

 Representative will take a few details about you and what you are looking for.


Our goal is to have your insurance cover your visit. We will verify coverage and give you a transparent out-of-pocket cost. (If Any) 

No Insurance, No Problem | We offer affordable options that work for you.


It is important to us that you are treated by a therapist that is an expert in your needs. We will provide you with our soonest available therapist (usually within 24 hours) 

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Once your appointment is booked,  your therapist will reach out about your upcoming appointment.  

It is your decision if you would like to use Zoom or a phone session.