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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

My approach to therapy stems from my sincere curiosity and compassion for the human experience. I am able to create an authentically warm and inviting environment that allows me to connect intimately with each client and form deep bonds while exploring paths to wellness and healing. My priority in every session is to create a space free of judgment and criticism that allows you to feel at ease during this vulnerable process. Relationships can be very challenging and complicated both with others and ourselves. If you find yourself in a place questioning repetitive thoughts or feeling emotions that may be roadblocks for personal growth, therapy is an opportunity for you to explore and grow both personally and interpersonally. I will thoughtfully create a unique treatment plan for your specific needs. All people are different with diverse experiences that require a varied approach to healing.


As a holistic clinician, my process is to integrate physical and mental health by exploring nutrition as well as various therapy models deeply rooted in the mind-body connection such as Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy to name a few. As a certified Presence Psychotherapist, I strive to bring my fullest presence to each session hoping to create
and hold space for you to access your truest self. Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in working together and you can determine if it’s the right fit. I feel the therapeutic process is most successful when the client and therapist are well-matched.


After graduating from NYU in 2006 I have worked in various settings to provide social work services. I’ve worked among an interdisciplinary team in a hospital helping
individuals and families in medical crises as well as in private practice providing counseling to individuals and families ranging in age with differing needs. I’ve most recently completed training in Presence Psychotherapy, a model that blends the ideologies of IFS, SE, and AEDP.

Primary Specialties

Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues,
Behavioral Issues,
Stress, Trauma
and PTSD.

Types of Therapy

Integrative & Holistic Approach
Psycho-Dynamic Approach

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Somatic Therapy
Art Techniques

Emotional Freedom Technique

Insight oriented therapy



Years in Practice: 8 Years

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