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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jordan is a licensed mental health counselor (LCSW) and a licensed addiction counselor (ADC) who provides telehealth counseling sessions to New Jersey residents. He sees young adults, adults, and seniors for a variety of common mental health concerns surrounding behavioral /chemical addiction, stress and anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and challenging life transitions. He also has experience facilitating group therapy for anger management and addiction treatment.


Jordan uses practical skills training to increase clients’ communication, emotional regulation, and anger management skills. When doing cognitive/behavioral work with clients, he builds awareness of how conditioned patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior link together. He then empowers clients to question and shift self-defeating automatic thought patterns and core beliefs. The goal is the experiencing more functionally healthy mood states and responses to stressors. With addictions, he explores how needs are met through addictive behaviors, healthy ways to

meet these complex needs, and the building of support systems to maintain lifestyle changes and a passion-filled long-term recovery. He believes in equifinality (many paths toward the same destination) and has experience facilitating community support groups including Self-Management and Recovery Training and Alcoholics Anonymous among others.


Jordan collaborates with clients to explore and root out obstacles that keep them from living vital, passionate, self-directed lives. He does not judge, label, or lead clients anywhere they are not yet ready to explore. He bases sessions on your current needs and struggles, while also

building a supportive collaborative therapeutic relationship. He is active during sessions providing feedback to clients, while also offering a neutral environment in which clients can express their needs, daily frustrations, and long-term self-improvement goals. Throughout therapy, he also seeks feedback from clients to ensure the skills practiced in session are effective in the real world, and that they are progressing toward their treatment goals. Jordan is currently

accepting new clients on weekdays 8:00 am – 6:00 pm for both short-term solution-focused counseling, and long-term therapy.


Message To Clients

Counseling is a healthy relationship built upon trust, nonjudgment, and useful feedback. I believe this relationship allows for defensive walls to come down and the journey of self-exploration and growth to begin. During our first few sessions, we will get a feel for whether or not my skills match your needs and our overall ease at collaborating toward meeting your personal goals. If there is a disconnect, that’s ok. Counseling IS personal and the therapeutic alliance must be there.


We openly seek help for physical concerns but we hesitate when it comes to our own mental health. We get stuck repeating old thought patterns and behaviors that once protected us, but now get in our way! My practice philosophy is that counseling, at its core, is a collaborative

relationship where my clients re-align their personal values and goals with ways of daily living. My focus as your counselor will be to demonstrate empathy via accurate reflective listening, providing useful/actionable feedback, and setting agreed-upon goals for your treatment plan.


The healing process begins with hope and seeing issues and thoughts clearly. It helps to speak to another person to begin this process. Counseling requires self-reflection and changing the way you think, react, and endure the obstacles of daily living. This is hard work! And while you do it,

expect to also explore outside hobbies and interests; life can’t be all work and self-improvement. For example, I love being outdoors, and going backcountry camping whenever I can get away, especially when it’s cold or the weather is bad–I love the survival challenges!

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Primary Specialties

Alcohol Abuse
Substance-Drug Abuse



Years in Practice: 8 Years

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