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Marriage & Couples Therapy

Happy Couple

Couples Therapy may be needed during transitional periods, such as a new marriage, contemplating divorce, a new birth, illness, loss of a job, relocation, or infidelity, and breach of trust issues which produces additional stress. These times call for extra support and can make the difference between feeling hopeless and gaining solutions and options to get you through the tough times.

Sexual intimacy is so important for a healthy relationship. In a safe environment, we work on common sexual concerns such as erectile dysfunctions, disparity in sexual desire, pornography, hyper sexuality, fetishes and medical health issues that may affect sexuality and intimacy.​

Our practice consultation for couples is structured in 4 sessions. The first one is a Couple’s Session; the second two are confidential Individual Sessions, and the fourth is a Couple’s Session to discuss treatment options and provide feedback.

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These are some of the benefits couples therapy can offer:
  • Understand each other better: Couples therapy can help you understand yourself and your partner better. It can help both of you express your feelings, hopes, fears, priorities, values, and beliefs.

  • Identify relationship issues: Your therapist can help you and your partner identify issues that are leading to recurring conflicts, lack of trust, and feelings of disconnection.

  • Improve communication skills: Therapy can help you and your partner communicate with each other. It can help you express yourself and ask for what you need without attacking or blaming your partner.

  • Resolve conflicts: Your therapist can help you and your partner work through your issues and resolve them.

  • Strengthen friendship and attachment: Couples therapy can help strengthen the friendship, attachment, bonding, and intimacy between you and your partner.

  • Terminate dysfunctional behavior: Your therapist can identify dysfunctional behaviors and help eliminate them.

  • Learn skills: Couples therapy is not a long-term form of therapy. Instead, it is a short-term therapy that aims to equip you and your partner with skills to help you prevent and manage conflicts that arise down the road.

  • Improve relationship satisfaction: Couples therapy can help improve the overall quality of your relationship, so that you and your partner are happier together.

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