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Why Choose OVC

Our main goal at Online Virtual Counselors is to provide you with quality, individualized and specialized online therapy in English or Spanish. 

We think getting some solid, experienced input can be very helpful. A new perspective, idea, and a supportive trusting ear can go a really long way in your healing process.  Life often presents people with challenges, and we would be honored to join you on your discovery towards a more joyful, peaceful, and successful life.


At Online Virtual Counselors, we work with modalities that involve interactive therapy with a wide range of modalities. Our therapist have training and certifications in various specialized areas of treatment. We pride ourselves in having clinicians with a diversity of backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities. We provide feedback and guidance to our clients, which allows them to get a sense of our active and caring style. We believe that clients need to have goals to work on in-between sessions so they can get the full benefits of therapy.


We invite you to join a therapeutic experience with us, as well as explore and uncover your true essence. We would love to guide you in managing your emotional pain, and work to shift your internal view of yourself into a positive awareness of who you genuinely are.


We work with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Common issues we see in our practice include but are not limited to anxiety, depression, trauma,  self-esteem, parenting, communication in couples, and more.

More about OVC from our CEO - Zev Berkowitz

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