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Behavioral Addictions

Together But Apart

We work with addicted individuals at all stages, from those currently engaged in their addictive behavior to those who have gone through treatment and entered recovery. We also help families initiate interventions to encourage their addicted loved ones to receive the help they need and deserve.

With our  20-plus years of experience, you can feel confident that we will give you the tools to help you as a couple, family, or as an individual, navigate through whatever issues you are faced with. 

Signs of Behavioral Addictions:

Understanding the addictive process and the danger signs can help you to tell the difference between addictive behavior, problematic behavior that’s not an addiction, and normal behavior that’s non-problematic or healthy.

Red flags include:

  • Spending most of your time engaging in the behavior, thinking about or arranging to engage in the behavior, or recovering from the effects

  • Becoming dependent on the behavior to cope with emotions and to “feel normal”

  • Continuing despite physical and/or mental harm

  • Having trouble cutting back despite wanting to stop

  • Neglecting work, school, or family to engage in the behavior more often

  • Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal (for example, depression, irritability) when trying to stop

  • Minimizing or hiding the extent of the problem

  • How to Know the Symptoms of an Addiction

  • Living with a Behavioral Addiction

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Explore help with addictions

Addictions we can help with: 
  • Gambling addiction

  • Internet addiction

  • Food addiction

  • Work addiction

  • Porn addiction

  • Sex addiction

  • Video game addiction

  • Exercise addiction

  • Love addiction

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